Blake Jones & the Trike Shop Record Release Party

55 Fulton, 875 Divisadero St, Fresno, CA

May 6, at 55 Fulton in Fresno: It's a party for Blake Jones & the Trike shop celebrating the release of their new album MAKE! It's a party for Big Stir Records as The Armoires head north to join the fun! It's a party for Fresno as the likes of Poplord, Jet Electro, Terry Barnes, Jeff Bowman, Spencer/Morris, Sylvana Celeste, Jaguar Bennett, Chelsea Jones, and Guy Beard & the Lunch Wagon Romeos join the fun! It's a party for the whole global pop community, really, so if you're in Fresno, it's a can't-miss evening, and if you're not, it's worth the trip!