Don't Let the Door Hit You Festival, Fresno: Sunday

Tower District Records, 1930 N. Echo, Fresno, CA

The totally free and fabulous DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU FESTIVAL at Tower District Records in Fresno, California closes out on August 5 with more from the Big Stir Family!

Kicking off at 11 with gospel from Ray Moore & Keysha Burns Isler, continuing at 12:30 with Dave, Brian & the Forty Hour Work Week, the Big Stir crew rounds things of with our very own THE ARMOIRES at 2:00 and San Francisco's mind-boggling THE BOBBLEHEADS at 3:30!

Part of a wonderful event which also includes BLAKE JONES & THE TRIKE SHOP, SPYGENIUS, and ROCKFORD on Saturday. All five days are FREE and ALL AGES with refreshments on hand, and Tower District Records is amazing and deserves all of your support. Make it a Fresno weekend with Big Stir!